10 things that makes happy

I am so happy for being tagged by one of my fevrate dearest friend Saba, Niazh Siddique.


First : Share 10 things tha makes you happy.

Second:Tag 10 fellow bloggers and inform.

1. Reading makes me happy.

2. Traveling makes me happy

3. Talking to my parents and friends about weird things makes me happy

4. Teaching makes me but currently I am not at teaching is not my profession .

5. I am interested watching movies at night.

6.Driving two wheeler at rain

7. Trolling makes me happy.

8. Walking at night makes me happy.

9. Cooking makes me happy.

10. Meeting new people makes me happy

Sunshine blogger award nomination

Tanya Sheik has nominated me for Sunshine blogger award. I thank her for nominating me. Describing her personality in words is not possible.

Rule, Thank the person who nominated and provide a link to blog site. Answer their questions. Notify upto 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.

  1. 1. What’s your craziest way of expressing happiness?
  2. Ans.Just spend with loved ones
  3. 2. If God is offering you a wish, what what will you be asking?
  4. Ans. To change the caste, class and gender inequality
  5. 3. what was your age when you travelled alone?
  6. Ans. 14
  7. 4.what is your favourite festival?
  8. Ans. New year
  9. 5.what will you do frustrated ?
  10. Ans. Just sit alone
  11. 6. Do you play guitar?
  12. Ans. No
  13. 7. Have ever thought you have done everything in life and you have nothing to do anymore?
  14. Ans.No, I have to do so many things in my life, still my life ends
  15. 8.whom do you missing right now?
  16. Ans. My parents.
  17. 9. What is sincere mean’s to you?
  18. Ans. Be truthful ourselves and to others
  19. 10. What is your goal in life?
  20. Ans. To be myself
  21. 11. What is your favorite movie?
  22. Ans. Hachko , a dog’s story
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The reason behind using the words like ” fuck,  asshole……”

Some of us may have used the words like “fuck, asshole….”to express our emotions  like anger, excitement etc. But when I used the words like this most of the people tried to privinted me from using these words. What will be the reason, people are not using this words. I always believe language is for proper communication.. is there any problem if we use the words like fuck, asshole…. ?

What will be the reason people are not ready to use the words like this.. I will be honored if I get an answer?